Mike talks to his friend Drago

Mike is a musician and likes to draw on his alter ego Drago when he is on stage. In this quirky fun interview Mike chats with Drago, who is from Serbia, about his first impressions of arriving in Wellington and advice for his future grandchildren.

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Remembering Old St Helen's Maternity Hospital

Many Wellingtonians will remember St Helen's Maternity Hospital in Newtown.  Erica Drake talks about her time working there as a nurse aid during her school holidays and some of the special memories she has from her time there. Her memories illustrate how much maternity care has changed over the years.

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The age of the Lighthouse Keeper

Angela Rampton interviewed her father, David Parish, the day after Fathers Day to find out more about his memories of working as a New Zealand lighthouse keeper. David was a lighthouse keeper in the1960's and 1970's and talks about some of his many experiences in the remote landscapes that house New Zealand's many lighthouses.

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