The fence

I was in the middle of washing the dishes when a knock came at the door.  A friendly face of a young woman peered in a slightly desperate manner.  "Hello," she said.  "You don't happen to have a key to next door, do you?"  It turned out that the couple who lived in the house next door were away, and this young woman was dog-sitting for them.  "But," she said, "I've locked myself out of the house!"  I could hear the dog howling through the wall.  "I don't have a key," I said.  "But you can climb over the fence."  "Hmm" she said.  "I guess there's no other option."  So I led her through our house, got our stepladder and put it in our vegetable garden.  She climbed over the high picket fence with as much grace as possible.  "Thanks" she said, and went inside.  Soon the dog stopped howling.  Sometimes we run into each other on the street and smile.

Liz, Mount Victoria