Street gatherings in Tawa

We endeavour to make a big deal of "Neighbours' Day" in Tawa.  It's a great opportunity for people in streets right across the suburb to arrange some sort of get-together with close neighbours.  In the past three years we've seen 45-50 street gatherings each year.  To make the most of good summer weather we encourage people to not necessarily wait until the end of March, but to arrange something any time between mid-February and late March.  At this early stage we know of 30 streets which intend holding a Neighbours' Day activity this time around.

The following feedback we received last year sums up what it's all about:  "We had about 23 adults and 14 children and teenagers gather in our cul-de-sac, a perfect spot for a neighbourhood get-together.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, getting to know their neighbours better and throwing about ideas on how to better keep in touch as neighbours.  Many stories were shared of moving into the street and changes we have seen over the years.  All agreed what a great initiative Neighbours' Day was, and many are looking forward to getting together again in the future."

Malcolm, Tawa