Neighbourly love

I was out in my garden on a still Sunday evening, balancing on the wall at the bottom of my vegetable patch, talking to my plants, encouraging them to grow.  They were happy and lush.  All was well.  That is, until I stepped backwards into thin air and fell square on my butt on a block of wood below.  For several minutes I was unable to move and in incredible discomfort.  Long story short, my teenage daughter heard my cries for help and supported me inside - and then fetched my gorgeous neighbour Francine.  Francine stayed long into the night with my two girls, supporting my teenager in getting her seven-year-old sister ready for bed while I spent several hours at the Emergency Department getting my nether region checked for major damage.  I was extremely lucky not to have suffered a serious injury, especially as I was going to Papua New Guinea for work the following week.  However, it was a few weeks before everything "down there" felt back to normal.  I'll always be grateful for Francine's support on that difficult evening - she really is a wonderful neighbour and I am blessed to have her next door.

Nell, Melrose