Not bad for an Ozzie

My neighbour is the nicest and most genuine and helpful man you will ever meet, and he is from Ozzie.  We kind of compete to help each other out. Our path goes past his side deck and he always sweeps it for us, initially a bit embarrassing but now I just say "hey, thanks".  I waterblast his concrete and deck and we fix stuff together from his huge jar of screws and nails.  We share tools to cut back the bushes and trees, and do simple stuff like holding the ladder.  He even sweeps the road gutters sometimes when the leaves build up, so the water doesn't flood the paths.  We always seem to be so busy and don't catch up enough, but I always enjoy that when we do, we stop to chat and just do stuff because it's a good thing to do.  Thanks M, for everything you have done.  Much respect.

Mr G, Wadestown